Cottage Remodel

Sturgeon Lake, ON

Andy & Sue live and work in Bowmanville, but planned to eventually retire at the lake. The couple originally had our company come to their cottage to remodel their basement and repair a foundation leak. The success of that project led them to choose Gilbert + Burke to do the major remodel they had been considering for some time. When the remodel began it was only to make a kitchen that would match their love for cooking. When Andy looks back on the project, “all I wanted was a bigger kitchen.” But as the kitchen remodel got underway Andy and Sue realized that they had every intention of spending more and more time over the years with the likely goal of retirement at the cottage so the project grew. From the kitchen the remodel extended into a first floor redo, a full second floor addition, and a garage! During the process they said, let’s get it done now so we can enjoy it all the way through.


Before the Remodel