Peter Groza


Peter Groza brings over thirty years of experience designing and building homes to Gilbert + Burke. However, it is Peter’s unique understanding of the environment, natural materials and modern architecture that has elevated his career as a highly sought-after upscale designer in the Muskoka region. Peter truly has an expansive world view; born in Hungary, he escaped the Hungarian Revolution and moved to the remote Australian Outback town of Cooma, in New South Wales. From a very young age, Peter has felt connected to the outdoors. He has since spent his career designing spaces that are conscious of their natural surroundings, just as he is.

Working within the Muskokan terrain has fine-tuned his ability and desire to find the optimum positioning and elevation of dwellings that will capture—and showcase—key features of waterfront settings. Combining his experience with his understanding of nature, site development, and superior materials, Peter has become known for designing homes with optimum positioning, orientation, and elevation that blend into their natural environments, and even protect it.

Signature Work