Moorelands Camp

located on Kawagama Lake just east of Dorset, Ontario.

Moorelands Children's Camp has been encouraging inner-city children through positive camp experiences for decades. Over the last 10 years Gilbert + Burke has been working with Moorelands Camp to re-build their aging infrastructure and modernize the facilities at the camp—all of it on their “water access only” property.  Some of these projects include a new administrative building, a new shop, new boys and girls washroom buildings, new cabins for both campers and staff, a new medical building and a new multi-use building called 'The Hub'.  Being able to see and participate in the positive change in children’s lives has been extremely rewarding. These children would otherwise never have had the opportunity to hear a loon call, learn to swim, paddle a canoe or receive positive input on who they are as people. 

Gilbert + Burke stands behind the wonderful people and the wonderful work being done at Moorelands Camp.

We’ve been impressed with Randy Burke and the experienced Gilbert + Burke Team. Timelines and budgets were always met and materials arrived on time, creating a very good experience. Our continued relationship attests to our satisfaction.
— Shiraz Bharmal, President