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Why build a custom home in Kawartha Lakes?

Kawartha Lakes has a distinct charm all its own. From cold-weather activities to copious cultural and arts experiences, the Kawartha Lakes community has something to offer everyone. With 250 lakes and rivers, more than 600 kilometres of trails, and a thriving locally grown food scene, you’ll feel at ease, full of health and prosperity, and connected to nature in this adventure-friendly area. Making your home here will feel like you are always on vacation, who doesn’t want that?

Our team of expert designers and builders at Gilbert + Burke have extensive experience in bespoke design, custom home and cottage construction, and rigorous remodels in the Kawartha Lakes community. We are honoured to work with our clients to create stunning and unique homes that reflect the equally breathtaking surroundings. With our signature design, topnotch project management, and environmentally sound approach, our custom home creations are expertly crafted and energy smart.


What the Community of Kawartha Lakes has to Offer

Kawartha Lakes has no shortage of activities, events, eateries, and adventure. With its variety of lovely towns and villages connected by scenic roads and waterways, this community has an unmatched air of excitement and beauty. Explore popular trails, like the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail or Ganaraska Trail, with a picturesque hike, bike ride, horseback adventure, or snowmobile. Embrace the open water with your powerboat, waterskies, fishing pole, canoe, or kayak.

To slow things down, check out the Kawartha Lakes Arts and Heritage Trail, which showcases the community’s diverse heritage and rich artistic talent. Art galleries and festivals also feature many local artists, whose work portrays the area’s captivating history. Try the Legends & Lore Walking Tour to get a taste of Kawartha Lakes’ unique heritage and the stories that come with it. Farm-to-table restaurants, farmers’ markets, and local food events keep bellies full year ‘round, as well. With the indoor and outdoor activities, and artistic and activity-centric events aplenty, Kawartha Lakes proves a jubilant backdrop to build you and your family’s home.