Enhance the Features of Your Home or Cottage

When you find a home that has solid bones in a desirable location, renovating might be the ideal route to getting a house that perfectly fits your family’s wants and needs. Home renovations often seem like cumbersome projects, but when managed well, they open up a world of design opportunities.

Our design and remodel teams at Gilbert + Burke promise to walk alongside you through every step of the process, from crafting design plans and working through each area needing renovation to add expansions with new rooms or spaces. Regardless of how extensive your home renovation is, we are dedicated to honest communication, renowned design, detailed project management, quality build from the ground up and strong adherence to timelines.

Maybe an updated kitchen with eco-conscious finishes, modernized bathrooms with new sinks and tubs, an expanded living room area with floor-to-ceiling windows, a basement renovation to give you more living space or an extra bedroom for a new addition to your family is what you’re hoping for. Gilbert + Burke has the design expertise and remodelling prowess to achieve any vision for your home remodel project.

See our gallery for inspiration on your next project.

We know the importance of customizing homes to match the desires of our clients. Our design team will work with you to create logical and beautiful blueprints for your home renovation. The build team works efficiently to even allow clients to still live and function in their homes, depending on the extensiveness of the project. We complete full clean-ups every day during construction and stay in touch with clients to keep them updated on all progress and milestones achieved.

We proudly use environmentally friendly elements in our design projects to craft stunning and sustainable homes. Unparalleled attention to detail and awareness of environmental surroundings is taken into account with each and every design. To get the remodelled home of your dreams, get in touch with our team of professional designers and homebuilders today.





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