Dream Cottage Build

Balsam Lake

Our company’s relationship with Dave began over a decade ago with several smaller jobs like building an addition, painting, and a deck project. The success of these smaller projects gave opportunity for a mutual trust to develop that helped form the basis for the successful completion of his dream retirement home. For many years Dave planned to retire at his family’s cottage property. We worked together through design, scope and budget. As a ‘detailed focused’ client, with a specific design already in mind, Dave was ready to be involved. Spending most of his time at the construction site for most of the build he maintained a respectful and helpful relationship with all our company’s staff.  He enjoyed work with our team and saw that we were capable of understanding and delivering his wish. In his own words Dave could say that his dream retirement home came in on time and on budget. 


Building a Dream Home

A new custom home build is, for most, a huge once only commitment, and one that hopefully results in complete satisfaction for the client, and your contractor. This was the case with the G+B team. Their professional approach to the entire project process from the first client meeting, to the preparation of a project budget, to establishing a build time-frame, and most importantly their commitment to organization and client communication, made all aspects of the build an enjoyable and rewarding experience. From the project start, which involved an existing building demolition, through to construction completion, delivery and deficiency resolution, Gilbert + Burke has proven that they are the one who delivers.
— Dave