Emily Johnston-Hartin

Administrative Manager

Emily is the organizational go-getter for Gilbert + Burke. As the Administrative Manager, she works alongside the CFO, performing an array of detailed administrative and accounting responsibilities. She oversees daily office operations and ensures they’re performed in a seamless, efficient manner, as well as plans and coordinates administrative procedures and systems to devise new ways to functionalize processes. Emily goes above and beyond to predict the needs of the G+B owners, adapt to changes in plans and maintain a smoothly running office. From organizing meetings and paying invoices to stocking the stationery stash and reloading paper to the printer, Emily takes care of problems before they have a chance to become problems.

Emily has also held many roles, both volunteer and professional within the environmental sector, which pair exquisitely with G+B’s vision to create environmentally responsible, healthy and energy smart homes and cottages. She has worked in administrative positions for more than a decade, honing and fine-tuning her skilled communication, adaptability to different workplace cultures and upkeep of efficient organization.