Simply beautiful spaces.


Gilbert + Burke has a track record designing simply beautiful spaces with the perfect blend of artistry, natural materials, and sound design foundations. Each project begins with an in-depth consultation, where our team spends time on the property understanding how to best sculpt a building to blend with its surroundings. We work with discerning clients from the beginning, designing and formulating the perfect home so that everything you desire is accounted for. 

Our Senior Designer, Peter Groza's mastery of elegant interior designs featuring natural and eco-friendly products is perhaps unparalleled in the industry. He chooses to use reclaimed wood wherever possible, low VOC products, and designs an electrical plan that minimizes radioactive interference. It is this attention to detail and eco-conscious design to which Gilbert + Burke clients have become accustomed. 

Gilbert + Burke designs far more than just beautiful homes; we craft perfect lifestyle spaces.


What if you already HAVE A design?

Gilbert + Burke works seamlessly with our clients' hired architects to construct the perfect project. Even if your design is underway, our team will transition smoothly into a side-by-side collaboration and work with you through the build process. Our process focuses on impeccable communication between all parties involved in the project and keeping the lines of communication open between every member of our team and our clients. 

Designing Your New Custom Home


Maybe you’ve been planning for decades or perhaps this is a fairly recent inspiration, but, walking through the doors of your new home doesn’t happen overnight—and it shouldn’t. It’s worth the time and investment it takes to live in a home that’s perfect for you.

Our insights and excellence in elite custom design and construction have been highly sought after in the GTA, Muskoka, and Kawartha Lakes. There are a few critical steps that factor greatly into any successful new build. So, we’re drawing on our expertise to help you plan for the design and build of a new custom home that fits both your personality and lifestyle.