Cottage Renovations and Remodelling

Thinking about renovating your Kawartha Lakes cottage? A lot of thought and planning goes into cottage renovations, and a remodel could be the perfect way to revamp and freshen up your cottage so that it’s your dream space to spend long weekends or vacation time with family and friends.

Older cottages often could use electric, plumbing and style updates to become modernized and even much safer. Ultimately, updating your cottage could even lower your cost of living expenses and utility fees.

Take the stress and worry out of your Kawartha Lakes cottage renovation project by partnering with the skilled design and build teams at Gilbert + Burke. Our mission is to provide sustainable, breathtaking cottage designs to our clients within their project budget and on deadline, every single time. With clear communication, optimized project management and eco-friendly design techniques, we will bring to life your vision for the ultimate cottage retreat.

Years of memorable fun and enjoyment is ahead at your cottage in Kawartha Lakes, whether it’s used for vacation, hosting or retirement. Remodelling and updating the structure could add immense value and heighten its character while providing you with the details you need or desire. Perhaps the kitchen has always been a little too snug, or you’ve never had enough bedrooms for your family and company. Your ideas can come to life when you work with Gilbert + Burke.

Whatever your vision, we are dedicated to implementing a design plan that suits your family’s goals and creates an environment of relaxation, beauty and fun activity for years to come. We know it’s no small investment to embark on cottage renovations, which is why we partner with clients to maximize existing design elements and work with the natural surroundings of the cottage.

Get to know the potential within your Kawartha Lakes cottage by discussing your design goals with our expert team today. We are committed to designing unbelievable cottage retreats, keeping clients informed on progress every step of the way, and creating finished products to match our clients’ wildest imaginations. We can’t wait to work with you and execute your dream cottage renovation.