Quality built from the ground up.

Executive service and exceptional quality

Our build services look after everything—from start to finish. Gilbert + Burke is committed to setting the standard of excellence in our industry in all aspects of crafts, customer service, and management. We accomplish this through exceptional work and clear communication between all team members including client, trade contractors, and design professionals.

We go beyond just the construction of your project: we offer a comprehensive service that brings everyone on board. Our design/build services take a project from the first wisp of an idea to the last handshake. Bringing everyone together allows us to mesh every aspect of our project, from design drafts to site plans, in a well-managed, all-inclusive way. 

Building in either a Fixed Rate or Construction Management capacity allows our clients the choice as to their level of involvement in the day-to-day aspects of the project.  

Our unique understanding of the environment, natural materials, and modern architecture has built Gilbert + Burke to be a highly sought-after upscale design/build company in the Muskoka region specifically. Our experience working within the Muskokan terrain has fine-tuned our ability and desire to find the optimum positioning and elevation of dwellings that will capture—and showcase—key features of waterfront settings. Combining our experience with our understanding of nature, site development, and superior materials, G+B has become known for building homes with optimum positioning, orientation, and elevation that blend into their natural environments, and even protect it.

Wherever possible, we prefer to work with materials that are non-toxic, reclaimed, or sourced to be eco-friendly and efficient.

New Build or Remodel?

If you are not sure if a new build or a remodel is right for you, have look at our remodelling services.

Building Your New Custom Home


Maybe you’ve been planning for decades or perhaps this is a fairly recent inspiration, but, walking through the doors of your new home doesn’t happen overnight—and it shouldn’t. It’s worth the time and investment it takes to live in a home that’s perfect for you.

Our insights and excellence in elite custom design and construction have been highly sought after in the GTA, Muskoka, and Kawartha Lakes. There are a few critical steps that factor greatly into any successful new build. So, we’re drawing on our expertise to help you plan for the design and build of a new custom home that fits both your personality and lifestyle.