Lake House Build

Chandos Lake

Richard & Tamara came to us with plans to renovate their existing cottage about 3-4 years before we built their beautiful lake house. Simple and straightforward at heart they recognized that the time was now to enjoy the lake with their two young sons. Richard and Tamara have both worked hard to get where they are in life and this work ethic prevailed as they waded through municipal by-laws and un-cooperative players that seemed to continually stand in the way to prevent their dream from coming true. But guess what, their tenacity paid dividends when they were able to sell their existing cottage a buy another property on a better part of their lake! The design process started and again because of their patience and foresight, over the space of time and multiple contributors a beautiful design was created that suited their family’s needs to a tee.  An open and airy Lake-house with a beach theme is now the place where they rest, recoup, spend quality family time and entertain. 

We are so happy with our Lake House!  It has been many years in the making...light just floods into its rooms and the view of the lake makes you feel as if you are suspended in a tree fort. We spend a lot of time in our screened porch –it brings the outdoors in and we can eat, nap and entertain out there with no worry of mosquitoes. The building process with Gilbert + Burke was superb.  Our neighbours can’t believe how quickly and efficiently they built it, and the quality is rock solid.  We are grateful to G+B and their extremely dedicated team for all the love and effort they put into our Lake House.
— Richard & Tamara